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By registering and using the service by Bitcoin Billionaire, you acknowledge that you agree to the terms of service mentioned in the Terms and Conditions outlined below and that you will be bound by them. These terms apply to the whole website as well as any email or other communication you have with Bitcoin Billionaire.

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To help explain things as clearly as possible in this Agreement, the terms "client," "you," and "your" refer to you, the individual who logs on to this website and accepts the Company's terms and conditions. Our Company is referred to as "The Company," "We," "Ourselves," and "Us." Any usage of the aforementioned terms, whether in the single, plural or capitalised form, is considered interchangeable.

Risk Disclaimer

The primary objective of this Website is to inform and educate our visitors/users. This Website does not offer legal, financial, or other expert advice. We do not offer financial advice or comparisons of other brokers. Any material on the Website should not be construed as legal or professional advice on how to make a particular choice concerning cryptocurrency use, investment, or trading. The information on our site is provided in good faith, but no representations or warranties are made as to its correctness.
As you use this Website, you should be informed that cryptocurrency trading is not without risk, and it is not suitable for all investors due to high volatility. Consider your financial goals, degree of expertise, and risk tolerance before deciding to trade cryptocurrencies. You may lose your entire capital.
You also risk losing more money than you invest if you use leveraged trading products such as CFDs. Direct marketing of cryptocurrency-based CFDs is now prohibited by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom (as per PS 20/10). This implies that CFDs cannot be promoted to UK investors by sellers based outside the UK. As a result, we will not accept sign-ups from visitors from the United Kingdom.
Our company is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from the use of the material on this Website. Our Websites samples are one-of-a-kind. Depending on your degree of experience, persistence, and hard effort, your outcomes may differ. Always do your own research or get advice from a personal account manager before investing any money.

Affiliate Disclosure

All users get access to our Services for free. We put you in touch with reputable brokers that can help you get started with trading. We may also get commissions from our affiliate partners once you click on the affiliate links we have within our Website’s materials. The commission we receive does NOT mean that it has an additional cost to you.

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Legal Restrictions: You acknowledge that financial contract laws differ across the world, and it is your duty to ensure that your use of the Website complies with any applicable law, rule, or guideline in your place of residence.

Description of the Services

Bitcoin Billionaire is the only cryptocurrency trading system that seeks to make cryptocurrency trading completely accessible to everyone. You do not have to worry about the complicated matrix of financial data, speculations, market news, and technical indicators. We translate complex data into an easy-to-understand system, allowing you to establish your own rules while our AI solutions handle the heavy work!

Easy money is not promised, yet there are MORE BENEFITS you will get as you enjoy your trading journey with us, including easy access, friendly interface, no hidden fees, complete security, round-the-clock assistance, consistent profits, and a community of like-minded traders.

Proprietary Rights

All of the content on this website is owned by Bitcoin Billionaire unless otherwise specified, except for the hyperlinks or third-party links to our materials. If you click on a third-party link, you will be transported to that third-party’s website. We highly advise you to read the Terms and Conditions of every website you visit.

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Updates to Our Terms

These Terms may need to be updated to reflect our Service and policies more properly. Unless otherwise required by law, we will provide you notice of any changes to these Terms and a chance to evaluate them before they take effect. You will thereafter be bound by the updated Terms if you continue to use the Service. You have the option of deleting your account if you do not agree to these or any revised Terms.

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